About E-Commerce Strategy
Today, majority of the Internet traffic in India comes from mobile devices (more than 65 percent roughly). When we talk about e-commerce, this particular data-point can be viewed from two different perspectives

  • Perspective 1 - Having just a website, even if it is mobile friendly, is not enough. Having a mobile application seems equally essential. If majority of your users are going to use mobile phones to shop online from your e-commerce property, it makes sense to build a dedicated app that provides a smooth and native user experience. Forcing them to use the crippled mobile friendly version will just drive them away!
  • Perspective 2 - Although majority of the users are on mobile, 40% share of website users is still significant and cannot be ignored. Ignoring this share and implementing a mobile only strategy doesn't seem to be a wise choice. Companies such as Myntra (Flipkart) made this mistake and are paying dearly for it!

Our Recommendation
Looking at these two perspectives of e-commerce implementations, it becomes quite clear that both the 'website only' or 'mobile only' strategies are doomed to fail. Presence on both the platforms is not only recommended, it is mandatory for success. But this comes at a cost of a significant upfront investment in technology even before the businesses-model takes off. A disastrous proposition particularly for smaller aspiring merchants wishing to setup e-commerce. From another perspective, not so much!

How We Can Help
We, at Manash, are helping such smaller aspiring merchants to kick-start their e-commerce business. We are mainly doing two things:
  • Precise Technology Support - The ZonCon technology is a future-proof technology using which merchants can create their customized and branded e-c0mmerce shop in the form of a website and a mobile app. It has in-built features such product catalogue builder, comprehensive pricing & taxation modules, discounting & couponing, customer accounts, email-based invoicing, order management and customer engagement.
  • Drastic Reduction in Technology Costs - The ZonCon backend singularly works with both websites and mobile apps. This drastically reduces technology development, maintenance and logistical management costs. This cost reduction combined with an attractive businesses model motivates even the smallest of the Indian merchants to take the e-commerce leap!


ZC E-Commerce Tech Stack

Cross-platform full stack solution for e-commerce with rich product publishing tools with state of the art payment framework.

  • Product Catalogue Builder - Product Categories & Product Items
  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Payment Gateway
  • Comprehensive pricing, availability & taxation
  • Shipping Locations
  • Customer Accounts
  • Exhaustive Discounting & Couponing options
  • Email-based invoicing
  • Order Management & Tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Fully customizable



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