Website Development


UI/UX Design

Designing the look and feel of the website. It deals with deciding the page layouts & interactions for a smooth and streamlined user experience.

Graphic Design

Designing the branding kit, which includes logo & color palette creation. Creating an attractive visual theme that enhances the user experience.

Software Development

PHP-based frameworks (Codeigniter), jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, Angular JS

Software Testing

Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Security Testing, Stress Testing (Web, Android, IOS)


Compatible with Desktops, Mobiles, Tablets, all consumer screens

Data Modeling & Databases

Developing database oriented websites, capabilities of handling large scale databases

Measurement & Analytics

Measuring website performance, generating data and understanding & analyzing user behaviour using Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making the website easy to read and understand for the search engines ultimately pushing up the pagerank and driving more traffic.


Automated daily, weekly, monthly backup solutions.



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